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September 26th, 2017
These are the companies who sponsor the NFL

These are the companies who sponsor the NFL's National Anthem protests.





Fans are the issue - 2017-12-07
It blows my mind that no one wants to call out the real problem here. Its not the players, or the owners, or even the NFL. The real problem are THE FANS. You are the ones that are enabling this behavior. Just like most of todays parents, you are an enabler and not willing to put in the work to change behavior, just give them what they are crying for, donít worry about if it is right or wrong, just as long as you are not inconvenienced. You want to bitch about how the players are disrespecting the flag, while you are buying merchandise, and sitting in stadium seats supporting the very acts you SAY that you are opposed to. Why donít you step up and walk out, instead pretending to be offended! If you were really offended, you would do something about it. Instead you choose to partner up with these spoiled, overgrown, self-serving pieces of excrement, while they disrespect our country, and our heritage, because you want to be entertained. One more thing to the so-called patriots that Boo and Hiss at the players kneeling during the national anthem. SHUT UP AND RESPECT THE FLAG AND THE ANTHEM WHILE IT IS PLAYING. You are a poser not a patriot.
by Bobby

USAA? - 2017-10-25
How is it possible that USAA is still sponsoring the NFL. Military Appreciation my a$$.
by Matt

Bud Number - 2017-10-06
The number for Budweiser is 1-800-342-5283. It prompts you to select 1 for NFL and then reads you a statement about their beliefs. It then allows you to leave a message for them after the beep.
by Jennifer

What was that Bud beer number? - 2017-10-06
I heard on the radio W&J said that Budweiser has a number and are asking for our view on if they should continue their sponsorship of the NFL. I would love to call them and say no! Please post the number.
by Nick

- 2017-09-27
Gratitude for NFL Sponsor List. As their businesses fail-one by one-could ya bumper the announcements with"Another One Bites the Dust"? WE are UNSTOPPABLE when ALL of US stand up!
by Marie Reed

- 2017-09-26
good to know will print and make note of the companies not to give my money
by Terri Giauque

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