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January 17th, 2018
New radio stations!

Big news! W&J can now be heard on the following new radio stations. If you don't see your city on the list that means we can still be heard on the same channel in your area.

The new stations are:

  • -Shreveport, La - KTUX 98.9
  • -Tyler, Tx - KKTX 96.1
  • -Texarkana, Tx - KYGL 106.3
  • -Victoria, Tx - KLUB 106.9
  • -Odessa-Midland, Tx - KBAT 99.9

 Find links on our affiliate map by clicking here!  



RIP John - 2019-07-04
I moved to Virginia from the Gulf Coast 8 years ago. W&J helped me to keep my link to the area and my sanity as well. John will be missed.
by David W

God Speed Walton - 2019-07-02
We had you for years!!! Thanks for all the good times and helping us though the bad!!! Brother Johnson I wish you the best!!!!
by Eagleman

Godspeed JW - 2019-06-27
Life aint the same thesedays...
by 10-1%

WTF - 2019-06-07
WTH is Walton?
by Randy

Still Pissed - 2019-06-04
They took W&J off of 96.1 in Tyler, Texas. I refuse to listen to bid dumbass and dumb dumb
by James Aldredge

Shreveport - 2019-06-04
You guys ok...you help me get thru obama
by Charles still

Repeat of first hour - 2019-06-03
Why are you repeating the first hour during the 9 oíclock hour lately
by Russell Lapeze

Call to School - 2019-03-29
How do I get a recording of the call to a school recording?
by Susan Smtih

Song - 2019-01-11
Heard a funny country sounding song about a jet plane on your station. Can you help me find the name?
by Rhonda Wheeler

stations - 2018-08-15
Gawds!!! When are you going to come over to Alabama. Had to move from Louisiana, to live and open a gun store in Saraland and Miss you guys on my radio. Thank God for the App but it is nice to ride the neighborhood and listen to you.
by Carrie Laitala

Hi - 2018-06-29
Dows the w&j show have an app? I canít find it in my App Store. Where I can hear old shows...maybe my app stor is jacked up. Itís not showing up. love the showwwww
by G

mr - 2018-04-03
Please provide a LIST of radio station and the city Just want to copy it and keep in the car, what you have makes it difficult
by charles culotta

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