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John Walton

John Walton
Born and raised Houston and a self confessed "know it all" Walton began talking on the radio as an all night weekend guy and hasn't shut up since. Wore the monkey suit as a programmer and manager and met up with Johnson and fate in 1983 for a date with destiny. John has been on the radio so long that he won't say what year he started in Oklahoma City while in college, but let's just say the Beatles breakup was still big news.

Steve Johnson

Steve Johnson Mr. Johnson was also born and raised in Houston (don't hold that against us). He once poured hot metal in a foundry and always thinks of that whenever working on the radio "seems too hard." Steve quickly learned that the ladies loved the radio guys. Now it's true that these ladies might not always be the first ladies you would pick out of crowd, but hey, people always buy radio guys a lot of beers, so it all evens out. Mr. Johnson's various character portrayals have kept him sane and out of therapy for many years.

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